Covid-19 message

Hi there,   This note is to let you know that we are 2 seniors working here at Pro-Formance Cycle.  We are off course practicing the recommended "distancing"  with everybody; even with our children.  So in brief, we are careful to remain healthy.  Rest assured that your item is not infected with the virus, however the outside of the packaging will be handled by many people until it reaches you.  We would recommend that you wear gloves while you unpack your purchase, but once out of the packaging, your item has not been exposed to the virus and it is safe to handle without gloves.  Because of the risks we are taking when we take parcels to the post office, we only go mail packages once a week.  Should you need your item as a rush, send us a small message to let us know and we will make arrangements to have your package mailed sooner.  Thank you for checking our site and hope to deal with you when you need something from our inventory...  and be careful, stay healthy!