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Welcome to the new 2018

Pro-Formance Cycle website

A step away from eBay, so we can offer you a larger selection of our parts and items without costing us an arm and a leg and so that we can therefore offer you a fair price. 

The search feature is simple, just put your make or model or part number if you know it, in the search bar, or a description of the part, for example:  RM80 brake shoe, or Barnett clutch plate, etc.  use any words that represents the part you are looking for and click enter to see if we have it, perhaps what you are looking for will come up.  

As of middle of January 2018 we only have 1400 items listed on this site for testing and set-up purpose, however it can be purchased if you wish to do so.  We will be adding items on a regular basis; as time permits.  We estimate that several thousands items should be listed within a few months.  

Note that our inventory is not in order.  We put order in it as we list the parts.  So please don't ask us if we have certain parts or particular items if it is not seen on this site.  We wouldn't know if we have it.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.  We will try our best to reply within a few days.  You can communicate with us in English, French or Spanish. 

Thank you for your patience and happy shopping.

Earl & Rita