Shipping info

Thank you for taking an interest in our products and items.  Most of our packages are mailed by Canada Post.  We are limited in the selection of shipping services within Shopify.  We are careful to put the correct package weight so that the shipping fee will be reflective to it's correct weight.  Should a shipping fee appear too high or too low, please contact us and we will double check our information and adjust it accordingly.  Give us your Postal Code for Canada or Zip Code for the US or your country for international destinations.  

Note that we prefer when buyers select the shipping fee that includes tracking and insurance, however, should you prefer to select a less expensive shipping service, we will need an E-Mail from you stating that you will not claim your money back if the package is lost in transit or damaged.  If you don't select tracking and insurance, once the package is out of our hands we are no longer responsible for it, unless off course you have chosen tracking and insurance.

We can also ship packages by courrier for a quicker service should it be needed.  This service is obviously more expensive.