page contents Your SEO optimized title page contents Your SEO optimized title page contents 1964-1972 Intertec 5th Edition Snowmobile Service Manual SMS-5 #S101

1964-1972 Intertec 5th Edition Snowmobile Service Manual SMS-5 #S101

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1964-1972  Intertec 5th Edition,  Snowmobile Service Manual SMS-5,  248 pages  #S101/B    

This manual includes complete adjustment, maintenance and repair information for the models mentioned below.

This comprehensive service manual provides detailed information on how to maintain and repair snowmobiles.  Hundreds of exploded views and illustrations guide you through the complete adjustment and repair process.

The manual is divided into two main service sections as follows:

A vehicle section which gives maintenance and adjustment information, exploded views and disassembly notes on specific vehicles.

A general service section which is further subdivided into five parts covering engine, converter (belt drive) unit, track drive, track & suspension and skis & steering.  The Engine and Torque Converter sections contain specific overhaul information by make and model of component.  All sections contain general operation, maintenance and service data intended to promote a more thorough understanding of the machine for more efficient service.

The following manufacturers of snowmobiles are covered in the vehicle section:

Alouette 1967-1976,  Alsport 1971-1972,  Arctic Cat 1965-1984, Ariens 1969-1973,  Arlberg 1969-1970,   Auto Ski 1971-1975

Boa Ski  1968-1976,  Boatel 1965-1972,  Bolens 1964-1972

Chaparral  1968-1974

Dauphin 1970-1971

John Deere  1972-1982

Eskimo  1969-1971

Fox Trac 1966-1972

Gilson 1971-1973,  Grand Prix

Herter's 1968-1975,  Homelite 1969-1970,  Hustler-Rustler 1968-1970

Jetstar 1970-1972

Larson 1966-1969

Mercury 1969-1976,  Montgomery Ward 1968-1972,  Moto-Ski 1965-1982

Northway 1970-1974

Outboard Marine Corporation 1965-1975

Phantom 1970-1971,  Polaris 1965-1986,  Poloron 1970-1972,    Rupp 1966-1978

Scorpion 1966-1978,  Sears 1969-1972,  Ski Bee 1969-1970,  Ski Daddler 1966-1970,  Ski-Doo 1962-1982,  Skiroule 1966-1967,  Ski Whiz 1969-1977,  Sno Club 1970-1972,  Sno Flite 1968-1969,   Sno Jet 1966-1976,  Sno-Pac  1970-1972,  Sno-Pony 1969-1971,  Sno-Prince 1968-1973,  Snow Flake 1970-1973,  Starcraft 1970-1971,  Suzuki 1971-1975

Trans-Ski 1971-1972

Viking 1967-1972

Yamaha 1968-1985,  Yukon King 1967-1969

This easy-to-use manual can save you money in maintenance and repair bills.  Step-by-step procedures with detailed illustrations and photographs guide you through every job.

Inside you will find:

Quick reference data.  General information.  Troubleshooting.  Lubrication, maintenance and tune-up.  Engine.  Fuel systems - carburetted models.  Fuel systems - fuel-injected models.  Oil injection system.  Liquid cooling system.  Recoil starter.  Drive system.  Disc brake.  Chaincase, jackshaft and driveshaft.  Front suspension and steering.  Track and rear suspension.  Off-season storage.  Index.  Wiring diagrams.

Although the cover of this manual looks rough, the inside is in good condition.  It is complete, and doesn't have any wripped pages.