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Pro-Formance Cycle

BSA A7 A10 A7 A50 A65 C10 C11 C12 MCR1 MCR2 500 / 650 cc Twin A B & M Group Models - Compellation of Service Sheets #E44

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BSA  500/650 OHV Twin  "A" group models with Swinging Arm  and  "B"  & "M"  Group Models  Reproduction of the Factory Compellation of Service Sheets,  91 pages   New.  # E44/A

Contains the following Service Sheets: 

No. 201C, reprinted February 1965, BSA Engine A7 & A10 Swinging Arm Frame.

No. 302AFour Speed Gearbox (Swinging Arm Models).

No. 202 reprinted March 1966,  A Group Models, The Lubrication System.

No. 203, revised Sept 1958, reprinted July 1966,  A Group Models, Engine adjustments which can be done without dismantling.

No. 204, October 1948, revised June 1950, reprinted Feb. 1965, A Group Models, except Models A50 and A65, Engine dismantling for decarbonising.

No. 207, revised March 1965, reprinted november 1965, A Group Models, Crankshaft re-grinding.

No. 212B, reprinted November 1965, A, B and M Group Models, Adjustment, dismantling and re-assembly of front hub and brake (8 in. brake).

No. 212D, May 1954, reprinted November 1965, A and B Group Models (with welded type frame), Adjustment, dismantling and re-assembly of rear hub and brake

No. 212E, reprinted May 1966, A & B Group models (with full width hubs), Adjustment, dismantling and re-assembly of hubs and brakes.

No. 214, reprinted July 1966,  A Group Models (with swinging arm type frame, except models A50 and A65), Engine removal and complete dismantling

No. 215, October 1948, revised August 1956, reprinted Nov. 1965,  A Group Models (with swinging arm type frame) Re-assembly of the engine

No. 216, revised May 1963, reprinted Nov. 1965, A Group Models (swinging arm frame) Useful Data.

No. 308, revised Nov. 1959, reprinted April 1965, M Group, C10, C11, A Group (swing arm) and B Group (except those with engine prefix letters G.B. or A Group after engine numbers CA7-8623, CA755-8112 and DA10-13298, Dismantling and re-assembling the clutch

No. 310, A & B Group Models (with welded type frame, except those with Engine prefix letters GB), Primary transmission.

No. 311, reprinted Nov. 1965, A & B Models with swinging arm frame, Dismantling and re-assembly of gearbox and gearchange

No. 313, reprinted june 1964, A & B Group Models with swinging arm frame, Rear suspension

No. 701, revised Sept. 1959, All Models - Useful Data.

No. 704, All Models, Piston clearances

No. 706, reprinted July 1966, A, B and M Group, C10, C11G and C12 Models, Telescopic forks

No. 708, All Models, Carburation, Monobloc and separate float chamber type.

No. 708B, November 1950, All Models, Carburation at high altitudes.

No. 709, All Models, Fault finding.

No. 710, October 1948, All Models, Chain alterations and repairs.

No. 713, All Models (except D Group and C15) Dismantling of steering head.

No. 801,  A Group Models, Magneto.

No. 804, reprinted June 1965, C10, C11, A, B and M Group Models, Regulator unit, models MCR1 and MCR2

No. 804A, reprinted June 1966, A, B and M Group Models, Control box, model BR107

No. 808A, reprinted Nov. 1965, A (except A50/A65) B and M Group Models, Wiring diagram, positive earth system

No. 808F, M Group Models, Wiring Diagram positive earth system

No. 809, revised Oct. 1958, reprinted March 1966, All Models (except D1, C10L, C11G, C12, C15 and B Group fitted with alternators) Generators, models E3H and E3HM.

This manual was printed and binded professionally with high quality material.  It looks like it has some stains, but there are none.  The original was a little dirty. This one actually looks nicer than the original.