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BSA Motorcycle Legends by Roy Bacon #E51

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BSA - The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends, by Roy Bacon.  Published in 1995.  Hard Cover.  This book measures 9 1/2 x 12 inches and has 96 pages of high quality glossy paper full of beautiful pictures. # E51 

'One in four is a BSA' was a slogan (and a fact) for the famous Birmingham firm whose piled arms trademark became as well known for motorcycles as it was for the rifles and bibycles which it manufactured first.  BSA joined the field late, in 1910, but, from the start, they built solid, reliable motorcycles backed by an efficient service and spares network to suit the buying public.  While BSA maintained this tradition they prospered.  Along the way there were classics:  The Round Tank and Sloper of the '20s, and the Stars of the '30s - Blue, Empire, Silver and Gold.  The postwar era brought new ranges and a new slogan, 'From the Bantam to the Golden Flash', two of their most popular machines.  The Gold Star returned to become a cult model, there were Rockets and Spitfires, Barracudas and Shooting Stars.  later came the mighty Rocket 3 and then the final, sad days.  The BSA story is presented here in an effective combination of words and pictures, many in full colour, enhancing the story of a marque that continues as one of the most popular on the classic bike scene.

Note that the jacket of the manual was wripped a little on the left side.  We have fixed it with some scotch tape.  There is a small hand written note on the inside of the cover.  Other than that the manual looks new.