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Chrysler Datsun Ford General Motors Honda Toyota Volkswagen Car Care Book #HC1

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Complete Car Care Manual  -  Published in 1981 by Reader's Digest Association (Canada) Ltd in conjunction with the (CAA) Canadian Automobile Association  -   ISBN 0-88850-099-8   #HC1

Hard cover book.  This is a heavy book, it measures 11 x 8 3/4 inches and has 480 pages.  Excellent condition. 

This manual and its supplement cover the most typical and popular car designs.  All information in this book has been obtained either directly from the automobile manufacturers or from technical consultants and associations in the automotive field. 

It is the aim of this book to make car ownership as trouble-free and economical as possible.  A car that is well cared for will last longer and serve you better than a car that is neglected.  Although the typical car lasts about 10 years and 160,000 km (100,000 miles) you may get twice that much service out of your car by "overmaintaining" it by performing regular preventive maintenance at intervals shorter than those the manufacturer recommends.

This book is divided into four sections including general money saving advice, mechanical components of cars and how they work, maintenance and repair of your car.  It offers general and technical information as well as practical advice on maintenance and repairs for do-it-yourselfers on every level - from the novice  (without any previous experience in auto repairs) to the seasoned amateur mechanic.