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Crescent Color Guide to Motor Cycling by Don Morley - Racing History Book #LB3

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Crescent Color Guide to Motor Cycling by Don Morley   -  Published in 1983 by Crescent Books  New York U.S.  / This edition was sold in the U.S. only -  Printed in Italy  -  ISBN 0-517-383217   #LB3

Hard cover book printed on high quality glossy paper.  The book measures 13 x 9 1/4 inches and has 80 pages.   This book is in excellent condition.  It almost looks new.

This book has lavish illustrations, it provides a vivid record of the motorcycle in competition.  The early races were as much a test of endurance and ingenuity as of speed and skill, and the lessons learned then are reflected in contemporary machines.  Not only are the drama and history of those pioneering days recorded, but also the technological developments they produced and the colorful personalities behind the great machines of the past.  Some of those events, such as the Scott Trial, still take place.  Others led to new forms of sport, and much of the book is devoted to looking at today's wide variety of competitive events round the world, from World Championship road racing and Grand Prix and the grueling marathon of the Mexican Baja Run to junior scrambling events and the stunt rider.  Packed with sensational, and sometimes award-winning photographs, the book also has descriptions of the machines themselves, both the great classics and the modern miracles of engineering.  It discusses the great racing circuits and profiles the faces behind the names of this exciting and often spectacular industry, making it the book any enthusiast should have.

The author Don Morley has been involved in competitive motorcycling since 1957 and in that time has taken part in road racing, grass track, Moto X and trials, achieving many wins and placings. 

Don Morley's column on road racing appeared regularly in Superbike magazine and he has written articles on motorcycling for numerous other publications.