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The Big Book of Harley Davidson Horsepower - Evolution Twin Cam V-Rod Book by Tom Murphy #HD6

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The Big Book of Harley-Davidson Horsepower  for the Evolution, Twin-Cam and V-Rod    Printed in 2005 by Whitehorse Press,  Author Tom Murphy,  Soft Cover,  176 pages printed on glossy high quality paper  ISBN # 1-884313-54-X   New.   #HD6/B

Want to make your Harley run harder?  Does your bagger grunt instead of go when the hill gets steep?  Or, do you fancy dining on a crotch rocket or two?  Whether you have an Evo, TC88, or V-Rod, this book will show you just how to extract the maximum performance from your V-Twin.

Performance modifications are arranged in coordinated packages - improvements to intake, exhaust, cams, ignition, and displacement - changes that work well together.  They range from a set of simple bolt-on modifications up to big-inch racers.

The packages start with Stage One, a set of bolt-on improvements that are economical and convenient to apply, but will give your machine noticeably better driveability and punch.  Advancing to Stage Two may require some machine work, but you'll be rewarded with greater performance improvement.  Stage Three engines - 100 cubic inches and up - lead to 100 horsepower, with ground-ripping performance!

The ultimate performance modifications include turbocharging, supercharging, nitrous oxide, and exotic fuels - both alcohol and nitromethane.  There's something for everyone, even the true speed junkie.

To handle the increased power, this book also describes modifications to suspsension and chassis and a drag racer's primer.  A convenient list of sources for aftermarket parts lets you get started quickly with your own project.  Numerous color photographs of bikes, parts and racing bring the text to life.

This book is in mint condition.