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HONDA ACURA 3.5RL 1996 Preliminary Electrical Trouble shooting Manual #C135

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HONDA ACURA  3.5RL  1996   Factory Preliminary Electrical Trouble shooting Manual.  This manual weights 1 1/2 pound thick.  Used but in good condition.  C135

Published by American Honda Motor Co. Inc. and printed in U.S.A. 1996 Honda Motor Co. Ltd.  P/N 61SZ300EL  IPC 12009606T

The schematics in this manual were developed from the most recent engineering drawings available.  Because of time limits, some circuits have not been included.  Refer to the Service Manual Electrical Section for connector locations and harness routing.  To produce the final ETM, all schematics will be validated on a production car.  Component locations, photos, circuit descriptions, and troubleshooting procedues will also be added.