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Pro-ormance Cycle

HONDA CB750 CB600 CB400 RS125 acNT650 VT1100 GL1500 ST1100 Front Brake Pads 45105-MN8-671

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HONDA 1 Set Front Brake Pads. OEM REF # 45105-MN8-671 NOS  New Old Stock.   #BP8-142


CB750  N/F   1992-

CB750  Nighthawk  1991-1997

CB600  Hornet S  2000-

CB400  F  (CB-1  400)  1989-1990

RS125  R  1991-1994

NT650  Hawk GT  1988-1991

GL1500  Valkyrie  1996-

ST1100  ABS-TCS  1992-1995

VT1100  C  Shadow  1994-1996

VT1100  C2  Shadow  A/C/E  1995-

VT1100  C2  Shadow  Sabre  2000-

VT1100  C3  Shadow  Aero  1998-

VT1100  T  Shadow  1998-

VT600  C  Shadow  1994-1997

VT600  CD  Shadow  VLX  1994-1997

PC800  Pacific Coast  1989-1997

CBR1000  F  1989-1992

CBR600  F3  1995-1998

VFR750  F  1988-1998

VFR700  F  Interceptor  1988-1989

Note that the Brake Pads and Brake Shoes we are selling are replacement Brake Pads and Brake Shoes.  Some of the makes we have are  EBC, Ferodo, Interpart, Vesrah, Parts Plus, Premier, SBS, Dunlop, Emgo, etc.  etc.  The quality meets and exceeds manufacturing specifications for each brands.

Important:  The Brake Pads or Brake Shoes you will receive could be from any of the brands mentioned above or other makes we are acquiring over time.  It will not necessarily be the same make as the one on the picture, however the brake pads design and quality will be like the ones on the picture.