HONDA CBX 1978 Pre-Delivery Inspection Instructions Service Training Manual #1266

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HONDA  CBX 1978  Motorcycle Specifications  -  Pre-Delivery Inspection Instructions  -  Reproduction of the Factory Training Manual, 33 pages  #1266/C

This service training manual has been prepared to provide technicians in Honda dealerships, with some guidelines in regard to servicing and inspections of the Honda Motorcycles.  It applies to all models unless otherwise stated.  


Front Brake / Rear Brake / Engine Lubrication / Fuel Tank / Spark Plugs /  Throttle Operation / Cables & Wire Harness / Wheels / Drive/Rear Fork Pivot / Front/Rear Suspension / Valve Clearance / Contact Breaker Points / Ignition Timing Adjustment / Install Charged Battery / Turn Fuel on, Ignition on, Start Engine / Lighting / Carburetor Adjustment / Cam-Chain Adjustment / Final Check / Test Ride.

This manual was printed and binded professionally with high quality material.  It looks very nice.