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Pro-Formance Cycle

Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Triumph Norton BSA BMW Ducati 2 & 4 Stroke Engine Rebuild Petersen Service Manual 0651-2 #976

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Motorcycle Repair Manual, 2 & 4 Stroke Engine Rebuild, 192 pages  Produced by Petersen 0651-2  Published in 1976  ISBN # 0-8227-0651-2  NOS  New Old Stock.  #976/E

Whether your bike is a four-stroke, fire-breathing street machine or a two-cycle trail mount, there's valuable information on the following pages for you.  You may not be able to perform carburetor surgery from start to finish but you can learn a great deal about the components of your bike and how they work - to the extent of fixing many problems yourself and handling routine maintenance.

Contents:  Tool up, a selection and care of hand tools. Soft Tools, space age miracles for motorcycle use. My bike's gone lame!, a quick course in troubleshooting by Bob Greene. Major engine tuning, don't give up on that old bike - give it new life. Pressure checking two-strokes, quick and easy guide to finding air leaks. Two-stroke ring & coke, it's so easy almost anyone can do it himself. Two-stroke engine rebuilding, not as difficult as you may think. Z-1 top job, the Kawa is typical of modern four-stroke cammer. Four-stroke engine rebuilding, Joe McFadden makes this tough task seem easy. Lubrication: two-stroke & four stroke, the real lowdown on lubricants by Pepe Estrada. Carburetors and fuel systems, a voyage thru the world of venturis and jets. Amal Mark II, a close-up look at the Concentric's successor. Water cooling, some tips on this important big bike component. Electrical systems, Jim Lewis sheds some light on a complex area. Clutches and transmissions, did you ever wonder where the power went. The final link, take care of your chain. Give yourself a brake, a quick course on relining drum brakes. Dissecting disc a brake, easy to work on, but very important. Chassis design and construction, Dave Holeman guides you through the tube maze. Wheels, you can't move without 'em.

This book is in excellent condition and was never used. However, the front cover was cut off.