KAWASAKI Dynamic Partner Information Handbook #1170.3

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KAWASAKI   Dynamic Partner   Photocopy of the Factory Handbook,   12 pages.  #1170.3


Specifications:  Dimensions,  Performance,  Engine

Transmission,  Frame,  Brakes,  Electrical Equipment

Oil Injection System,  Adding and Changing Oil in Transmission

Do not "Race"  Engine,  Do not Overspeed

Controls:  Fuel Tap,  Starter Lever,  Gear Change Pedal,  Front and Rear Brake,  Throttle Grip

How to Start,  How to Stop

Maintenance and Adjustments:  Adjusting Ignition Timing,  Spark Plug

Head and Tail Lamp,  Carburetor,  Control Cable,  Adjustment of Drive Chain,  Air Cleaner,  Muffler,  Tires,  Front fork and Shock Absorber,  Automatic Centrifugal Clutch,  Wiring Diagram