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Pro-ormance Cycle

KAWASAKI EX KLX KVF VN W650 ZRX ZX ZZR Motorcycle Pictures #50

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KAWASAKI   24  Dealer's Information Sheet  #50

Year of production unknown.

These Information Sheets  measures 8 1/2 X 11 inches and are printed on both sides.  They have been perforated to fit in a binder, some of the perforation has been damaged.  There are pictures of motorcycles and ATV's on both sides.  Good condition.

Models featured:

ATV'99  -  Bayou 220  (Green,  Red)   Bayou 300  (Red,  Green)  Bayou 300 4x4  (Red,  Green)  Bayou 400  4x4  (Green)  Note that this is the only one mentioning the year.  There is no year mentioned on all the others.

Bayou 220

Bayou 300

Eliminator  (Red,  Black)

EX-250  (Blue,  Champagne)

EX-500  (Red,  Silver)


KVF  (Green,  Red)

KVF  4x4  (Red,  Green)


KVF300  4x4


KVF400  4x4

Mean Streak (Red,  Black,  Gold)

Vulcan 500 LTD  (Red)

Vulcan 800 Drifter (Black)

Vulcan 800 Classic  (Violet,  Red)

Vulcan 1500 Drifter (Black,  Red)

Vulcan 1500 Classic  (Red,  Green)

Vulcan Nomad  (Beige,  Black)

W650  (Silver,  Blue)

ZR-750  (Silver,  Red)

ZRX1200R   (Green,  Blue)

ZX-6  (Blue,  Silver)

ZX-6R  (Green,  Silver,  Yellow)

ZX-7R  (Green,  Silver)

ZX-9R  (Green,  Blue,  Gold)

ZX-12R  (Black,  Blue,  Red)

ZZR 1200  (Silver,  Black)