KAWASAKI H Series H1 H2 1972 Shop Manual 99997-532 #1186

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KAWASAKI   H Series   500 H1  &  750 H2  1972   Factory Shop Manual, 141 pages   OEM Ref. # 99997-532  Used but in good condition.  #1186/A

Printed in November 1971

This manual covers maintenance and repair of all models in the H Series.  There are several types of H1's, including those with or without the CDI ignition, and with or without disc brakes.  Where the manual does not differentiate among the various models operation, repair, etc.  is the same.  Improper disc brakes maintenance can cause brake failure, and possibly an accident.  The CDI equipped vehicles also require special attention.  Mistakes in wiring connections or indiscriminate use of test equipment can cause immediate and expensive ignition failure.  The conversion table included in this manual will help you when converting liters to quarts, miles to kilometers, etc.  There is a useful table for figuring mm to inch or inch to mm wrench sizes, or for quick conversion of decimals to fractions of an inch. 

The cover of this manual has shelf ware, and the inside has several fainted finger print stains.  Nothing to hide any of the information.  This manual is in good condition.