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Pro-Formance Cycle

KAWASAKI KE100 KE125 KE175 KL250 KL650 KLX650 KM100 Front or Rear R/H & L/H Black Turn Signal 23037-1213

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KAWASAKI Front or Rear R/H & L/H Black Turn Signal  single filament  12V  OEM Ref. # 23037-1213 / 90-0011224300   New.

This turn signal comes with a 12V bulb.  Let us know if your model requires a 6V bulb and we will replace it.

Fits 12V Bulb

KL250 D2-D17   1985-2000

KL650 A1-A12   1987-1998

KLX650 A1-A3   1993-1995

KLX650 C1-C4  1993-1996

KLX650 D1  1996


Fits 6V Bulb

KE100 A10

KE100 B1-B9  1982-1990

KE125 A7-A12  1980-1985

KE175 D2-D4  1980-1982

KL250 A3-A5  1980-1982

KL250 C1-C2  1983-1984

KM100 A6/A7  1980-1981