KAWASAKI KZ Series Service / Shop Manual 99997-710 #1126

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KAWASAKI   KZ Series  Factory Shop Manual, 184 pages  OEM Ref. # 99997-710  Used but in excellent condition.  #1126/A

1st Issue:  March 1974

This manual is divided in 4 sections:

Adjustment:  The adjustment section gives the procedure for all adjustments which may become necessary periodically and which do not involve major disassembly.

Desassembly:  This section shows the best method for the removal, disassembly, assembly, and installation which are necessary for maintenance and repair.   Since assembly and installation are usually the reverse of disassembly and removal, assembly and installation are not explained in detail in many cases.  Instead, assembly notes and installation notes are provided to explain special points.

Maintenance and Theory of Operation:  The procedures for inspection and repair are described in detail in this section.  An explanation on the structure and functioning of each of the major parts and assemblies is given to enable the mechanic to understand better what he is doing.

Appendix:  The appendix in the back of this manual contains miscellaneous information, including a special tool list, a torque table, a table for periodic maintenance, and a troubleshooting guide. 

Although the cover of this manual is dirty, the inside is clean and in excellent condition.