KAWASAKI KZ1000 C1A 1978 Service Manual Supplement 99963-0005-01 #1176

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KAWASAKI  KZ1000-C1A  Police 1978  Factory Service Manual Supplement,  37 pages  OEM Ref. # 99963-0005-01  NOS  New Old Stock.  #1176/B

1st Issue,  December 1977

This manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the KZ1000 Service Manual  99931-540-02  The maintenance and repair procedures described in this Supplement are only those that are unique to the Police model.   Most Police service operations are identical to those for the standard KZ1000 model.  Complete and proper servicing of the KZ1000 Police therefore requires both this Police Supplement and the KZ1000 Service Manual.

This manual is in mint condition.