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KAWASAKI ZX900 A1 1983-1984 Owner's Manual #A304

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KAWASAKI   ZX900 A1  1983-1984   Factory Owner's Manual, 116 pages.  # A304


Specifications.  Consumer Information.  Location of parts.  Location of caution labels.  Loading information.

General Information:  Meter instruments,  Speedometer, Tachometer/Voltmeter, Fuel gauge, Coolant temperature gauge, Indicator lights, Key, Ignition switch/Steering lock,  Right handlebar switches, Engine stop switch, Starter button, Left handlebar switches, Dimmer switch, Turn signal switch, Horn button, Hazard switch, Fuel tank cap, Fuel tank, Fuel tap, Stands, Seat lock, Tying hooks, Helmet hooks, Document container, Tool kit.

Breaking in.  How to ride the motorcycle:  Starting the engine.  Jump starting.  Moving off.  Shifting gears.  Braking.  Stopping the engine.  Stopping the motorcycle in an emergency.  Parking.
Safe operation:  Safe riding technique.   Daily safety checks.  Additional considerations for high speed operation.

Maintenance and adjustment:  Periodic maintenance chart.  Engine oil.  Cooling system.  Spark plug.  Valve clearance.  Evaporative emmission control system.  Kawasaki clean air system.  Air cleaner.  Throttle grip.  Choke lever.  Carburetors.  Clutch.  Drive chain.  Brakes.  Brake light switches.  Front fork.  Rear shock absorber.  Wheels.  Battery.  Headlight beam.  Fuses.  Fuel system.  General lubrication.  Bolt and nut tightening.  Cleaning.

Storage.  Troubleshooting guide.  Maintenance record.

The cover of this little manual is very worned out, however, the inside is in good condition.