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MOTO GUZZI V35 & V50 Workshop / Service Manual #E96

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MOTO GUZZI  V35 & V50   Factory Workshop Manual,  110 pages  NOS  New Old Stock.  E96/A

The purpose of this manual is to give the necessary instructions for overhauling and carrying out repairs in a rational way.  All data herein contained are meant to give a general knowledge on the main checking operations to be made when overhauling the different groups.  To this end, the manual contains many illustrations, drawings, diagrams and tables to assist in the stripping, checking and assembling operations.  This manual will be a guidance to anybody who wishes to familiarize with the manufacturing characteristics of the various component parts of the V35 and V50 models.  The knowledge of these will be an esssential factor for performing a good job.

Index:  Engine lubrication.  Replacing the oil cartridge in the sump.  Cleaning the wire gauze filter and the sump.  Lubrication of the gearbox.  Lubrication of rear drive box.  Lubrication of front fork.  Sundry lubrications.  Controls and instruments.  Ignition key.  Light switches.  Horn, flash light and turn signal control.  Engine starting and emergency stop switch.  Right front brake control lever.  Left front brake and rear brake control pedal.  Gear control.  Fuel filter cap.  Front and rear brake fluid reservoir.  Fuel taps.  Terminal block with fuses.  Steering lock.  Seat locking device.  Side stand.  Adjusting the clutch control lever.  Adjusting the right front brake lever.  Adjusting the left front brake and the rear brake pedal.  Adjusting the throttle control grip.  Adjusting the steering.  Adjusting the swinging arm play.  Adjusting the rear suspension.  Adjusting rocker clearance.  Lubrication and maintenance operations.  Torque loadings.  Specific workshop tools.  Engine Unit.  Lubrication.  Carburation.  Clutch.  Gearbox.  Kick Starter operated model.  Swinging arm complete with rear drive box.  Frame.  Front fork.  Rear suspension.  Steering.  Wheels.  Electrical equipment.  Key to wiring diagram.  Inches and millimeters conversion chart. 

The last page of this manual shows minor shelf ware because it doens't have a back cover page to protect it.  Other than that, the manual is in mint condition.