Performance Welding By Richard Finch Motorbooks Powertech Series 124530 #1284

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Performance Welding Book, 160 pages  By Richard Finch   Published by Motorbooks Powertech Series 124530  in 1997   ISBN # 0-7603-0393-2   New.  #1284/A

Planning to build the ultimate high-end race car chassis?  How about complex aircraft structures and engine mounts?  If these are your goals, you know that perfect, error-free weld joints are essential in obtaining successful results.  Standard welding practices and materials just won't cut it.

"Performance Welding" is your complete guide to high-quality welding.  From selecting equipment to jigging and fitting to welding 4130 steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and magnesium, this book covers it all.  Learn all the techniques professionals use in building Indy and NASCAR race cars, experimental aircraft, and custom motorcycles.

This book covers:

MIG, TIG and Oxyacetylene Welding Processes / Shopping for Welding Equipment / Fitting and Cleaning Metal / Jigging / TIG Welding Steel and Stainless Steel / TIG Welding Aluminum and Magnesium / Gas Welding Steel and Stainless Steel / Gas Welding Aluminum / Welding Shop Safety / Welding Supplies / Sources for Metals / Shop Math / Glossary of Welding Terms.

This manual is in excellent condition.