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PORSCHE Portrait of a Legend by Ingo Seiff #LB4 ISBN 0-8317-7085

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Porsche Portrait of a Legend  by Ingo Seiff   -  Published in 1985 by Gallery Books an imprint of WH Smith Publishers Inc.  U.S.  /  The original title of this book is Das Grosse Porsche Buch by Hoffmann and Campe Verlag, West Germany -  Printed in Italy  -  ISBN 0-8317-7085   #LB4

Hard cover book printed on high quality glossy paper.  The book measures 13 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches and has 288 pages.   This is a huge and heavy book.  It is in excellent condition.  It almost looks new.

Off all the world's sports and racing cars, Porsche enjoys perhaps the highest reputation.  But Porsche is more than a race-track success:  its name has become a byword for high performance and aesthetic design.  As the Porsche motto itself proclaims, it is driving at its finest, and for some owners the driving of a Porsche has become almost a philosophy of life.  This volume brings together first-hand accounts of the men who helped to make the Porsche a leader among thoroughbred cars - the designers and builders, members of the Porsche board of directors, motoring journalists and, of course, the racing drivers themselves.  The men of the first hour tell how the story began and describe their racing triumphs and the psychology of driving a Porsche.  The book also features a special interview with Dr. Ferry Porsche, son of the man who first created the legend.  The many illustrations include 104 pages of colour pictures by prominent photographers - among them the author of this book - which present an inspiring collection of Porsche images to delight the car connaisseur.  The 40 pages of black and white photographs feature exclusively the work of Julius Weitmann, and together they form a memorial to a man whose work established new standards for motor-sports photography the world over.  The book follows Ingo Seiff's highly acclaimed and successful book of veteran and vintage cars, Old Timers.  On a similarly high level, this fascinating and unconventional book will have unquestionable appeal to Porsche owners, sports-car enthusiasts and car connaisseurs alike.

Born in 1928, Ingo Seiff spent ten years in the entertainment industry before becoming a free-lance journalist and PR consultant.  He has written numerous illustrated articles on showbusiness and technology.  As a photographer, he specializes in automobile history and his picture archive comprising some 20,000 photographs of old timers, is one of the largest of its kind.  His book, Old Timers, brought him world recognition.