Stuntmen and Daredevils by Ann Kramer Book #1280

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Stuntmen and Daredevils Book,  95 pages.  Published in 1980 by Albany Books,  and printed in 1980 by Nelson/Canada Ltd.  Author Ann Kramer.  ISBN # 0-17-600797-0   NOS  New Old Stock.  #1280/A

This is an interesting book talking about different styles of stunts.  It also gives some history about stunts done during the medieval time. 

It contains stunts involving Falls and Dives,  Stunts with Vehicles,  The High Fliers,  Combat Stunting,  Introducing Animals,  Making the Impossible Possible.

Although this is a new book, the bottom left corner of the book has minor damage.  Other than that, the book is clean and in excellent condition.