SUZUKI GS650 E EZ 1981-1982 Service & Supplement Manuals SR-7010 E-01 99501-36010-01E #127

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SUZUKI  GS650E / GS650EZ  1981 Service Manual, 200 pages  OEM Ref. # SR-7010 E-01  and  GS650E 1982  Service Supplement Manual, 35 pages  OEM Ref. # 99501-36010-01E   NOS  New Old Stock.  #127/C

The GS650EZ model was introduced as a new model in 1982.  Many innovative refinements were incorporated in the new model.  This Supplementary Manual has been produced for the maintenance and repairs of the 1981 'Z' model.  

Although the covers of these manuals doesn't look fresh anymore, the inside is clean and in excellent condition.