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Pro-Formance Cycle

SUZUKI GT PE RM T250 T305 T350 TM TS Gear Shift Shaft Protection Nylon Cushion 09320-13001

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SUZUKI  Gear Shift Shaft Protection Nylon Cushion   (This part protects the shaft from the drive chain rubbing on it)   OEM Ref. # 09320-13001   NOS  New Old Stock.   SB124/I


GT250  A/B/K/L/M   Hustler 1973-1977

PE175  C/N/T  1978-1980

PE250  B/C/N  1977-1979

RM100  B/C/N/T  1978-191981

RM125  A/B/C/D/E/M/N/T/X/Z  1975-1984

RM250  A/B/C/C2/N/T/X  1977-1981

RM370  A/B  1976-1977

RM400  C/N/T  1978-1980

RM465X  1981

T250,  T250-2, T250R  Hustler 1969-1971

T305  Raider 1968

T350, T350-2, T350 J/R  Rebel  1971-1972 

TM250, TM250-2   RH67 1968-1970

TM400  J/K/L/M/R  Cyclone  1972-1975

TS250, TS250-2  Savage  1969-1970

TS400  A/B/J/K/L  Apache  1972-1977