The Super Book of Aircraft ISBN # 0-356-05592-2 #1318.7

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The Super Book of Aircraft   Published in 1977 by Macdonald Educational Ltd, London   Soft cover,  32 pages   ISBN # 0-356-05592-2    #1318.7/A

Contents:  Aircraft; the first steps.  First powered, controlled flight.  Decade of development.  SE5a; fighting scout.  How an aeroplane flies.  The golden age of flying.  World War II; Axis aircraft.  Battle of Britain; the Spitfire.  World War II; Allied aircraft.  Development of the jet.  Supersonic transport.  Airport.  Modern warplanes.  The Phantom.  VTPL; vertical take-off and landing.  Things to do; glossary.

This manual is in excellent condition.