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TRIUMPH 350 500 650 750 Twins & Trident Book by Roy Bacon #E100

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TRIUMPH  Twins & Triples    350, 500, 650, 750 Twins & Trident    Nilton Publishing  First published in 1991, this is the 3rd edition which was printed in 1995   by Roy Bacon with foreword by C.E. 'Titch' Allen.  Hard cover, the book measures 8 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches and has 192 pages printed on high quality paper.   NOS  New Old Stock.   #E100

In modern times, with the well-established recognition that the Japanese motorcycle now has alongside the long known German and Italian models, enthusiasts can still point proudly to the one major British firm left from the past.  It's Triumph, now moved to a new home in Hinckley and building machines technically divorced from their past, but still using the traditional tank badge recognised all over the world. 

Long before events brought about this change, Triumph led the way to the vertical-twin motorcycle and after World War Two majored on this engine type, adding a triple late in the day.  These machines continue to be much in demand, but now this is the classic machine market where they hold the same high position as they did when the models were new.

The history of the firm and its men and machines was set down long before this book was penned, but this title set out to sort the models, detail how one related to another, how they developed and how they differed.  Thus, this book tells of Bonnevilles, Thunderbirds, Daytonas and Tigers along with the more prosaic from which they sprung.  Questions as to when there were bathtubs, and where, which used the nacelle, all are answered in these pages.

This book is essential reading for every Triumph owner, rider, restorer or just admirer.  It deals with the much loved Triumph twin, plus the fabulous Trident, from its inception to the final days at Meriden and includes many photographs plus invaluable tables of machine data and specifications.