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TRIUMPH The Legend by Mac McDiarmid Book #E153 ISBN 0-7651-0849-6

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TRIUMPH - The Legend, by Mac McDiarmid -  Published in 1998 -  Hard Cover, 80 pages of glossy high quality paper with lots of beautiful pictures,  ISBN # 0-7651-0849-6   New.  #E153/A 

Triumph - The Legend, traces the events of nearly a century of motorcycle history, from the earliest days in Much Park Street, Coventry, to the high-tech plant that is Triumph's modern factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire.  From the first puny single with a bought-in Belgian engine, through Maurice Schulte's first all-Triumph engines, early TT Successes, the advanced four-valve Ricardo model of the Twenties to the ground-breaking Speed Twin and its many derivatives.  Along the way we witness upheavals, trade slumps and takeovers, factory sit-ins and government bail-outs, utter despair and glorious re-birth.  The Legend may not be the smoothest ride in motorcycling, but it is an excellent tale.

This book is in mint condition