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VINTAGE CAR Motor Repair Manual for old vehicles #A900

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The Motor  -  Repair Manual for Owner Driver & Amateur Mechanic   Printed in Great Britain by Temple Press Ltd,  by the staff of  The Motor   8th Edition  Second Impression.  Year of publication unknown, however it is pretty old.    Hard Cover,  151 pages.   Although it doesn't look fresh anymore, it has never been used.  Excellent condition.  # A900

This is a practical handbook on the repair, overhaul and adjustment of a car, including chapters on the equipment of a garage workshop, the correct use of tools, car repairs of all kinds, including electrical adjustments and battery maintenance.


Workshop equipment,  The Lathe and its uses,  Making tools and appliances,  Workshop practice,  Soldering, brazing and case-hardening,  Engine overhauls, Clutch, gearbox and rear-axle repairs,  Brake adjustments and repairs,  Front Axle, springs, bodywork,  Electrical repairs,  Miscellaneous repairs such as Fuel feed tank,  Fuel pumps, Starter pinion,  Wire controls and cables, Screen wipers,  Fitting nuts and bolts,  Making washers, gaskets, oil pumps, Petrol and oil taps, Pipe, Joints, Spark plugs, Tire repairs, Emergency hints. 

The book includes several advertizements of Suppliers of car parts and products pertaining to old vehicles.