YAMAHA ATMX LTMX MX250 MX360 SC500 1973-1974 Service Manual Supplement LIT-11614-27-02 #1398

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YAMAHA  MX/SC500  Models  1973-1974    Factory Service Manual Supplement,  119 pages.  #1398

6th Edition,  May 1979

Models covered:   ATMX,  LTMX,  MX250,  MX360,  SC500

In 1973, Yamaha added four motocrossers;  LTMX / ATMX / MX250 / MX360 and Scrambler SC500.  These motorcycles incorporate some of Yamaha's technical refinements such as V-type reed valve and torque induction design aiming at easier starting and greater torque at low speeds.  These improvements requires special mechanical care.  This Supplementary Service Manual provides the mechanics with technical information required in order to service these motocrossers properly.   For complete repair information, it is necessary to use this Supplementary Service Manual together with the DT/RT or LT/AT/CT  Service Manual.

This manual is in mint condition.