YAMAHA EDL EF EX Generator Outdoor Power Equipment 2002 Sales Brochure #80

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YAMAHA  Generators  -  Outdoor Power Equipment  2002   Sales Brochure  #80

Models covered:

EF1000  EF1000A  EF1600X  EF2600A  EF2600X  EF2800i  EF4000DX  EF4600A  EX4600DX  EF4600DEX  EF6200PDEX   EF6600A  EF6600DEX  EF12000DEX  EDL6500S

This Sales Brochure measures  8 1/2 X 11 inches  and has 12 pages.  It has pictures, information and specifications pertaining to each models.   It has been perforated to fit in a binder.  Excellent condition.