YAMAHA VMAX Snowmobile 1984 1985 Performance Guide #1318.2

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YAMAHA  VMAX  Snowmobile  1984-1985   Photocopy of the Factory Performance Guide,  10 pages.  #1318.2

Yamaha has made it quite easy to add Stage 1 traction products to the 1985 Vmax.  The VMX540J has tunnel protectors installed from the factory.  The tunnel protectors, plastic strips positioned in front of and behind the heat exchangers, protect the tunnel from damage caused by adding traction products.  In addition, the heat exchangers on the 84 Vmax have been modified to allow installation of traction products on the outside track belts without contacting the heat exchangers.  The addition of track studs will provide a dramatic increase in acceleration on ice, depending on the type, quantity, and condition of the stud.  In addition, studs will improve the machine's braking ability on ice.  This performance guide is all about the types of traction products for use on the Vmax and how to install it.

This is not a very nice photocopy but it might be handy for the one who needs this additional information.