YAMAHA YZ and IT Series Race Preparation and Tuning Manual 90894-73300 #788.1

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YAMAHA   YZ and IT Series  Race Preparation and Tuning Manual, 58 pages  OEM Ref. # 90894-73300  #788.1/A

1st Edition, June 1983

Everybody desires that his machine runs faster, but his desire can be met only when the machine is perfectly adjusted to the condition of the course.  The riding skills vary from rider to rider, and the type of course that he likes is not the same as other riders.  Also, the machine setting must be changed depending on weather conditions or track conditions.  It is impossible to run your machine faster without adjusting the engine and suspesion so that they completely match these varying conditions.  The YZ and IT series machines can freely be adjusted to the extent of performance that the rider wants to achieve considering varying conditions.  This possibility is one of the outstanding features of these machines.  Adjusting the machine to your preference is  trial-and-error process.  You must first ride the machine, decide what problems exist, adjust the machine, and ride it again to see what you have accomplished.  By doing this process patiently and methodically, you can adjust the machine to your satisfaction.

This manual provides the technical information relating to the setting and tuning up of the machine in order to bring it into full play.  It covers all of the YZ and IT series machines.  Use this manual together with the Owner's Service Manual.

The cover of this manual has some shelf ware, however the inside is clean and in excellent condition.